Some Art

(acrylic on canvas 11″x 14″)

I want to pick roses

With you
You hand them to me
And I’ll give them to you
Basket heart
You are a bouquet of cross bows
Arrows in the soul
You’ve plundered my kingdom
You’ve sent up my crows
You’ve dug up my garden

And I plant a rose

I want to pick roses…
All morning
And crush them mid afternoon thinking of you
I want to pick roses and sniff them
Smash them … velvet palms to cheeks… oh how they would reek…
Leaking havoc in the heart… the ripe to ruin

The ache of apart

I want to pick roses and fling their painted petals to the sky in the eve of night
And watch them come down upon you like butterflies in dying light
Crying the song of us
Catching in your hair
To spread my morning
My noon
My crushing heart
With you

I want to pick roses
And hand them to you
Pricking my finger
And licking you

I want to pick roses and set them by your bed
Snuggle my nose down by the side of your head
And be
With you.

(acrylic on canvas 8″x 10″)

Toddlers of a species… naked apes… ready to be offended… ready to sting ourselves in the side… here … eat this… its good for you… dying and withered… have a piece of poison… and let it shape your mind…

(acrylic on canvas 8″ x 10″)

mother’s hip river tide, mother’s tit milking pride…
overhauled, loaded, overboard, decoded…
board the mothership and open…

to open…
top spin
knee drop
til dawn.

float on

(acrylic on canvas 16″ x 20″)

See the seeing.. all eyes on me and thee… a sea of see.

(oil on canvas on foam core board, roughly 4′ x 4′)

If I turned out a boy my mother would have named me Geronimo.
And I didn’t take my father’s surname until adulthood… raised with my sister’s father’s name… 

Self Portrait as Geronimo Feldberg.

(oil on canvas 12″ x 16″)

For Alejandro, the vegetarian. Eat your Heart Out.

(acrylic on canvas 16″ x 20″)

Reflection in three mirrors….
It crooks your elbow… and like a rainbow, it fades away… it built you dream worlds and fuels a passion… but its just a glimpse now… of what could have happened… the passing past of evolution…revolution of self… to start it now… like a ten mile stare … it gets inside you like a native glare… reach back and behind while standing in the present … dredging in the past… to paint it blindly, a future cast… like an aural glow… the future soul… that sees beyond what we now know… cycling all that was taught and caught … to toss and rebuild… reborn… into you, anew.